Sunday, May 9, 2010

Looking at the mess Europe is in

I read mainstream media alot, but not to believe what they have to say, but to see what is being said compared to what I am finding in the alternative media sources out there. One big thing right now that they are failing to report properly is the problems going on in Europe right now. It's started in Greece, and appears the problem going to spread throughout the Eurozone.
There are people out there shaking their heads and trying to figure out what has happened. We were supposed to be on the road to economic recovery right? Well that is as wrong today as it was wrong when they said it. But here we are, with people predicting the Euro to reach parity with the US dollar within the next 12 months. Some folks here in the united States might celebrate that, but they are refusing to look at why it is happening, and the threat it is causing right here in our country.
The central banks are causing this economic crisis on purpose, and Greece is starting to collapse as a nation. The IMF and their allies do things such as destabilize governments regularly, and plan on continuing to do so. They do it because when they cause an entire nation to collapse under debt to them, they are able to swoop in and buy everything up at firesale prices. Those people you see throwing firebombs in the streets of Greece? Those are the same groups of people that have been doing things like that for years. Just remember the WTO riots, and you will understand. The vast majority of the people at the WTO demonstrations in 1999 in Seattle, were peaceful. A handful of "anarchists" caused the problems, giving a militarized police force the excuse they wanted to step on the necks of the demonstators. Those very people are used by the IMF to cause that type of destruction, so that values of property plummet, and they have an excuse to send in the troops. Once that is done, Greece will cease to exist as we know it. This is a Nation that is responsible for helping to create all that is good in Society, their city armies defended freedom in ancient times. It is now reduced to the status of a third world country.
That is happening right here in the united States as we speak. They are just a little behind on the program here because there is a growing resistance to their manipulations. The housing bubble was caused on purpose. They used it to help crash the economy, and our nation saw a massive redistribution of wealth into their coffers. Our very own treasury was looted until empty by the people running the show. Our heritage, our children's legacy is being stripped from them. They are born into already being in over $35K in debt, their share of the national deficit.  We gave that to them. I don't know about most parents, but I suspect this is true for most. We want our children to have a better life than we had. But instead, we are allowing the federal government to work in collusion with the banks, to take that from them. Their legacy is one of debt, poverty, and oppression. We have given them a legacy of war, violence, jails, pollution. We are doing that because not enough people are interested enough to take their Liberty back. I have heard so many people readily give up their Constitutional Rights, all in the name of being protected from some imaginary boogeyman that is coming to get them.
So as parents, we are falling down on our job. We have a contract with Nature when we have children. And that contract is to give them the knowledge, protection, and encouragement to flourish and  create. It is to give them a peaceful, clean place to live, where they have the opportunity to succeed on their own merits. We as parents have abdicated our responsibilities, and what's worse, we have done so to a government that has messed everything else up. We are in effect, giving our children a third world nation to live in, one where they have no freedom whatsoever.
Here is the thing though, ending this is extremely simple. It's not neccessarily easy, but the sollution is out there. If enough people wake up, and push hard to restore the republic, the way it was meant to be, we will have given our children a chance to improve upon things, to actually bring peace and prosperity back to our country. To do so, it is going to have to have people resisting the programming they've been subjected to. They need to start thinking on their own. We have given the government the responsibility to raise our children for us. They tell people how they can educate their children, how to feed them, how to discipline them, and if you don't tow their line, they step in and take them from you, by force if neccessary. We allow the television to numb them. By the time they reach 4th grade, they've had all of their creativity stomped from them.
To restore the Republic, we have to become more interested in what is happening than what Paris Hilton is up to today, or who got cut on American Idol. Our founding fathers did not sit in their houses and ignore the problem, they got out there and did something about it. We need to start firing politicians from both parties. We need to let them know that the Oath they swore to us when they were "elected", is serious, and that we are watching them. And if they don't, then they get fired. A republican congressman from Utah has just discovered that. He is not coming back to Congress after the election, it's already a decided thing. The people there have fired him, they no longer have confidence in a politician that vigorously pursues earmarks, voted for the healthcare bill, voted for the bank bailouts, and has opposed any attempts to truly audit the federal reserve. In short, he is not working in the best interests of the people. Politics should not be a career choice. It gives the politicians too much to lose. If they aren't elected, their career is more often than not over. If they know they are done after 2 terms, then they might be more ethical with their voting. We should inform them that we will no longer tolerate legislation that is 2000 pages long, or the 8000 page monstrosity that is the final healthcare bill. We need to end this insane entitlement mentality. Throughout my recovery from the surgery in November, I used the insurance I had paid for. I didn't go to the government with a hand held out. I didn't want them to susidize my disability. I wanted to have to go back to work as quickly as possible. Kind of like that scene in the Postman, where Kevin Costner is no longer injured. So his companion burns the cabin they had been hiding out in while he recovered. She did that so that they would be forced to move on, to get back to their lives.
Our educational system, our legal system, our economy, needs to be taken back. We need to reclaim our healthcare. And the biggest, we need to unconditionally restore the Bill of Rights. That means ending our foreign wars of agression, closing our overseas bases, and coming home. It means engaging other nations with diplomacy and free market trade, instsead of forcing our will on them at the barrell of a gun. It means learning how to take care of ourselves and our neighbors again. It means that proposed items of legislation, no matter where it comes from, has to be Constitutional before being passed. And if it isn't, if even one little section isn't, it is scrapped. Remember, you cannot compromise on Liberty. That document is there to protect you, and it's meant to protect our families. It's a sacred contract, between you, the States, and the federal government. Some of the States out there are beginning to wake up and live up to their end of the deal. Some of the people are starting to wake up and live up to their end of the deal. However, the federal government refuses to. We have a congress that recently shot down legislation that would have made it illegal for a congressman to actively use insider trading. We have a white house that is actively working with the federal reserve to lobby congress to shoot down the audit the federal reserve bill. I don't know about any of you, but I am tired of being poor and being expected to bailout people that make more money in 5 years than my entire family will make in a lifetime. If my family mismanages their fianances, there is no bailout in the wings for us, or for any of you for that matter. Why is that? My brother Eric, who I am very proud of, just opened up a pizza place and pub in Idaho with his wife and their friends. If they don't operate that business wisely, and they end up in financial trouble, Ben Bernanke isn't going to come riding in on a white steed to rescue them. They will instead go out of business, as it should be.  I just happen to know Eric well enough to know that won't happen.
I recently watched a speach by a man with some amazing answers. One of them was, to tax the federal reserve at %.0006. If we did that, we could end all income taxes, yes that is true. And we would rapidly begin to see our national deficit melt away at a rapid pace. And once we no longer need them around, we can just get rid of them. They would receive no less than what they have given the American people since the early 1900s. Now, how many of you would like to not have to pay income tax? Or how about this? How would you like to no longer spend %50 of your income on various taxes, both income, sales and various hidden ones? And those are getting set to go up yet again. They are expecting that number to rise another %20 in the next few years with the addition of a VAT tax, FAT tax, and Cap and Trade taxes. Yes, if you are reading this, it's true, your taxes have not gone down. They have gone up. Even if your income taxes may have dropped, all of the other taxes you pay have not, they have in fact begun to rise sharply. How much more money would you have to take care of your family if your income all of a sudden jumped %50?
The solutions are not to keep adding social programs, despite what some people say. If you want proof of what happens when you do that, just look at Greece. They were one of the heaviest socialized states in Europe. And the people lived high on the hog for many years that way. Now the bills are due, and they are mad because they are taking a hit on their quality of life. Yet they refuse to realize the quality of life was artificial. You cannot keep borrowing without consequences.
You cannot force a redistribution of wealth on people in order to pay for those programs. That is taking away the financial freedoms of somebody. Their basic rights to financial self determination is no less important than their right's to freedom of religion, speach and thought.  Because once you allow the government to start to go down the road of taking freedoms from someone, no matter what freedom that is, and you have ulitmately given them the opening they need to eventually take your freedoms from you as well. I suffer no man their wealth, so long as it was honestly obtained. At that point, I no longer care how they choose to spend that wealth, it's theirs. I don't care if someone has a home worth 500K, I don't care if they are driving a hummer (although I think they look completely retarded doing so), so long as they do not use their wealth to try to take my freedom from me. Most human beings do not need to be forced to be charitable. If given the chance, we will always try to help those less fortunate. If I did not pay so much money out in various taxes, I would have the extra money to give to charities on a regular basis, and I would have the freedom to choose who to give that charity money to. And believe me, I know I would, and I know my family and my loved ones would practice the same thing. We would do it because we have a spiritual responsibility to do so, and we understand that. But is one that we chose to give ourselves, and should not be forced on another person. If someone is making enough money to buy that hummer, and they choose to keep it all, and not help those less fortunate, that should be their right. But it should also be our right to disapprove, and if he makes his money by owning a business, we can express our displeasure by not patronizing it.
If we returned to a Constitutional republic, with a true free market, then we would see our poverty start to vanish. We would be able to have more liberal immigration laws. Our nation would once again be a place people aspire to come to, in order to have a chance at success, rather than a place they know they can come to illegally, taking advantage of our social programs without any stake in the nation. We could be a nation that is finally at peace again. Other nations would once again respect us, and would want to emulate us, not because we are forcing them to, but because they see just how well it works.
It's time that our republic is reclaimed, it's time that our leaders realize they are supposed to work for us. It's time to lose the stranglehold huge corporations have on our society. Stop spending your money at places like Walmart. Who cares if you saved $.15 on a tube of toothpaste? Will that help you when you have lost all of your wealth and property, as well as all semblance of Liberty? Learn to grow some of your own foods, learn to take care of your loved ones rather than allowing the government to do it. If your neighbor knocks on your door and asks for food because they have nothing to eat, don't tell him to go get foodstamps. Invite that person in, put a pot of coffee on, and make lunch for the both of you to share. Sit down and break bread with that person. Talk to them. Offer them encouragement and emotional support. Build a relationship with him. Learn to raise as much of your own food as you can, and teach others to do so also. It's so much better to teach them to take care of themselves, rather than send them to get a handout from the federal government. Now, I am a reasonable man, and I do understand the need for things such as food stamps. But we shouldn't be allowing people to become career welfare recipients. That does nothing but help strip their basic human dignity from them. How much better would their lives be if their mother and father instead shared the bounty of the earth with their children instead of eating all that super proccessed garbage they are shoving on us? How much better would their lives be if you helped show them how to gain some independance? When the settlers were crossing the plains, heading west, there was no life line for them from the government. You had to rely on yourself, your family, and your community. That is the American spirit. The knowledge that we determine our destiny, not a bunch of people in Washington DC we have never meet. Fixing our problems is going to take a sustained, grassroots effort, from the bottom up. It's going to take a fundamental change in thinking from people. But I assure you all, that the rewards are so worth it. A man's spirit cannot grow when it is stifled in anyway. Our forfathers shaped a great nation that fostered that spirit, that protected that fundamental right to determine your own destiny. It is our duty to protect that, to encourage it to continue to grow, so that the people that follow us have live in a Nation they can be proud of once again. We cannot continue to sit back and say "What can we do? Someone else will just have to do this, I'm just to busy with work, bills, football season, etc." Men like John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington did not say those things. Look at the sacrifices George Washington and his men gave for our Independance. How many of us could survive a winter in Valley Forge in the same conditions they did? I don't think they are neccessarily built of tougher stuff. I think they realized their backs were against the wall, and if they didn't do this, nobody would. They knew that the hunger, the disease, the cold, the deprivation, the mud and ice, was all worth it in the end, because they would finally tell a corrupt super power they were no longer welcome. They didn't do it for just their families. They did it for all of us. How will we honor their sacrifices? With a systematic dismantling of what they bleed and died for to give to us? Or will we honor them with the same fire? The same willingness to go wherever we have to go to claim our true birthrights? Will we have that same uncompromising drive to live a life of Liberty? Our revolution started in the streets of Boston, with a young 17 yr old being shot and killed with 7 other patriots, all while they had no firearms of their own. Will we snuff out that young man's eternal voice? Will we allow tyranny to forever wipe from existance their message? I hear people talking about how we need to support and honor our troops. Then do so. Start by honoring the men that died at the hands of redcoats to get this Nation started. Honor their legacy, and you will enjoy the fruits of it. Refuse to honor it, and that fruit will wither, and die forever. If there is no hope, there is no future. I refuse to give up that hope, and I am confident that you will also. You might need to rekindle that American spirit in you, but it's there, because it's the basis of spiritual strength. Feel that fire in the belly yet? It's you waking up and wanting to be free once again. Welcome, look to your left and right, you are not alone.

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