Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Please read this, and help try to do something

I'm writing this at 3:30AM while I wait for my 3AM dose of Methadone to start to work so that I can get some rest. I just read this news story, and am surprised that it hasen't been covered on local news even a little bit.
I found a news story on one of the cannabis reform sites I visit alot, and it concerns our Pierce County Police victimizing a medical cannabis patient, and allowing him to die. What was his offense you say? He was growing pot, legal here in Washington State, and was doing so within the bounds of the law. He was violently assaulted by home invaders wanting his crop, and was struck in the forhead with a crowbar. Please, I'm begging you people, if you have any compassion whatsoever for this man's family, you will try to do the right thing. This man should never have been left to die just so they could question him about how many plants he has growing. Who cares at that point how many plants he has? They callously stated the paramedics would just put a big bandage on it, only to have him die 2 days later. The news story is here, and I am going to try to start making some noise about it myself.
The fact is, the drug war claimed another innocent life, and there was no need for Michael Shane Howard to die. The link to the story is here
To the Pierce County Sherrif's Office, you are here to protect and serve, NOT terrorize and victimize. Stop going to war against us, start going after the people that need to be incarcerated. Why on earth, with the problems we have in Pierce County and Washington State, are we allowing our police officers to do things such as this?
Please, do the right thing, write to the governor, write to your state rep, email the sherrifs office, call them and tell them you want them to stop harassing medical cannabis patients in our State.

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